about corsican & sicilian singing

In Corsica and Sicily, as far as one can remember, traditional singing lies in the core of the social fabric. Singers are neither amateur nor professional, they obey to a necessity. Unlike a choir, polyphonic singing obeys to the rules of own initiative and responsibility. There is no conductor, no hierarchy. The construction is organic and collective. Each voice has a specific role. The song appears through voices saying autonomous and evolving a-parallely. One voice is nothing without the others, the others are nothing without that one voice. There is an interactivity, a constant negotiation between the individual and the collective; the “one”, alone, and the “three” of polyphony.

This aspect of singing as a collective and individual act, is intrinsically linked to what Aristotle names philia; the base of the social link and of friendship. This link is at the base of our condition as human beings; as we are by definition, for better or worth, bound to each other.