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cowbirds is a Vienna-based collective; 4 women from 4 different countries who are dealing with traditional forms and structures of Traditional Singing from Corsica and Sicily since 2013. Their practice is anchored in a passion for oral traditions deeply anchored in a landscape, a passion for melodic lines which evoke the harshness, the roughness of a land as well as a state of mind, a state of being. These songs speak about a « being together », about the relationship of different bodies; the individual body, the collective body, about the human condition…
Coming from the contemporary dance & performing scence, they explore the potential of polyphonic singing and create different formats of presentation; live sound installations, participatory performances, parties…  They emphasize on bringing together traditional music with either new music or contemporary performance.  So far cowbirds has worked with Austria- and German-based choreographers, composers and visual artists such as Paul Wenninger, Peter Jakober, Raúl Maia, Ben J.Riepe, Elisabeth B. Tambwe, Thomas Jelinek…  The collective also pursues a regular exchange with singers and musicians from Corsica and Sicily, either in the two islands or in Vienna.
  • – Concerts

. 06/2017 Gala French Embassy organised by Points Coeur

. 05/2017 Finissage of the Exhibition “Zusammenschau” Offene Grenzen zwischen Fotoarbeiten und Mischtecknik auf Leinwand; Birgit C. Krammer & Anton Jessner

. 12/2016 . Impulstanz’s “Great Christmas Breakdown Special“, Porgy&Bess, Wien

OpenMic, Festival VoiceMania, Theater am Spittelberg, Wien 1070

. 11/2016 Sinus Rechteck Sägezahn, Schauspielhaus Wien

. 11/2016 “Balcanto” Opening of the Festival VoiceMania Wien

. 06/2016  West & Ost, Sacred songs from Corsica, Syria, Ukraine and Gregorian tradition, Sankt Joseph, Wien

. 02/2016 Zentrum P.U.U.N., Wien

. 12/2015 Church Maria am Gestade, Wien

. 03/2015 Liedern aus Leid &  Leidenschaft, Zentrum für Musikvermittlung Wien 14

. 12/2014 New Music / Traditional Music from Corsica with Peter Jakober & Tiziana Bertoncini, Konzilgedächtniskirche Lainz, Wien 14

. 09/2014 Sacred songs from Corsica, Dominikuskapelle, Graz

. 06/2013 Concert, Francophonia, Wien

. 04/2013 Festival Spiel/Im_flieger, Brick5, Wien

  • – Radio

. 12/2016 Jet Lag All Stars Radio Show, Ö1, ORF

. 10/2015 Les Sardines Francophones, Radio Orange 94.0

  • – Performances

. 07/2016 UUUUU(topia) – Planet B, Collaboration with Ben J. Riepe Kompagnie, NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf

. 10/2015 * fish in search of water / Symposium a-cIm_flieger, Wien

. 01/2015 Uncanny Valley von Paul Wenninger / KABINETT AD.CO, a composition by Peter Jakober HALLE G Tanzquartier Wien

. 09/2014 1:1 cowbirds within an installation of Stefanie Wilhelm, Festival BESToffSTYRIA 2.14, Theater am lend, Graz

. 03/2014 Opening of the Exhibition La Philosophie Banane of Elisabeth Bakambamba Tambwe, Welt Museum, Wien

. 03/2014  Future Horizon: soiree fractal future, Thomas Jelinek/Nomad-theatre, HALLE G . Tanzquartier Wien

. 12/2013 . 1:1 cowbirds,  Festival scaPes–sound&choreography, Brick5, Wien

  • – Research:

.04/2017 Research trip in Sicily (with the kind support of Bundeskanzleramt:Kunst)

. 09/2016 Performance Practice on Continuous Toning with Raúl Maia (PT/AT), Im_flieger, Wien

. 07/2015 Research & Concerts in Corsica

(with the kind support of Bundeskanzleramt:Kunst)

. 07/2014 Research & Concerts in Corsica

(with the kind support of Bundeskanzleramt:Kunst) 





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