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Raúl Maia (AT/PT)  is a Portuguese dance/performance artist based in Vienna. After working with renowned companies such as Ultima Vez and Hans Hof ensemble, he now mostly dedicates himself to his own artistic projects and to his growing artistic partnership with Belgian artist Thomas Steyaert. In the last years, both in his own work as well as in the work created with Thomas Steyaert, his main focus is in approaching movement as non-representational communication tool and performance as an artistic “ritual” happening, where something is being “discussed”, articulated and experienced in real time. He also keeps performing and collaborating with other artists such as Anna Mac Rae, Paul Wenninger, Adriana Cubides, Fanni Futterknecht amongst others. He recently realised a project based on site specific performance practices, to be performed on an every-day basis on different locations in Vienna during the time span of three months.


Raul © Clélia Colonna

© Clélia Colonna