Songlines and Philia

residency at Im_flieger
opening on Sunday 25/02 from 11-14 for a Brunch/Lecture/Singing Practice

# basic # fiction # talks # picnic in a dance studio # (in)-visible community # coffee & tea # improvisation and singing practice # hanging out in future galaxies # tradition in contemporary life # landscapes and full bellies # italian flair # family friendly # polyphony # harmony through difference #

photo-flyer.pngcowbirds explore the “spirit” of polyphony in practice and theory; by singing, sketching and discussing with the contributions of Sonja Kieser (ethnomusicologist specialised in informal musical performances in south Italy) and Gianni Repetto (writer and philosopher from Piemont, Italy, author of “The invisible community”) 
hosts: cowbirds (Rotraud Kern, Caroline Decker, Irene Coticchio, Clélia Colonna) and Im_flieger
We understand “tradition” as something in movement, being passed from people to people, in a spirit of Opening; inclusive, not exclusive. 
*philia: one of the four anciant Greek words according to Aristotle for love; friendship, reciprocity, what bounds us together, what creates solidarities.
Sonja Kieser ist Ethnomusikologin und DOC-Stipendiatin der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaft. Sie arbeitet seit 2016 mit dem Projekt „Stornelli“ zu kurzen gesungenen improvisierten Strophen in Süditalien (Betreuerin Regine Allgayer-Kaufmann). Dafür hat Kieser eine multi-situierte Forschung durchgeführt und arbeitet u.a. mit den AkteurInnen der „Puteca“ in Apulien zusammen. Einige Fotos und Videos ihrer Forschung hat sie auf veröffentlicht. Kieser trägt ihre Ideen auf den internationalen Tagungen des ICTM vor und organisiert 2018 mit KollegInnen eine Konferenz zu „Ethnographien über Kreativität“ in Lissabon
Gianni Repetto was born in Lerma, Italy, in 1952. He graduated in philosophy in Genua and after having lived in Lombardy and Tuscany, came back to his hometown. He’s teaching literature in high schools and is member of Study Centre “David Lazzaretti” of Arcidosso, for which he wrote a monography about the Tuscan prophet and social reformer who lived in 19th century. He is researching about rurality and the preservation of memory, about local idioms and toponymy. He has been president of the Natural Park of Capanne di Marcarolo (Piemont ) and he founded the Laboratory of Popular Theatricality of the “Ecomuseo di Cascina Moglioni,” staging stories and memories of the mountain of Piemont. He is the co-founder of “Il Contafóre”, territorial theatre laboratory. He’s been collaborating for several years with Roberto Paravagna, guitarist and TV journalist, staging theatrical and musical reading about several aspect of contemporary culture and society.