next workshop: Corsican & Sicilian Polyphonic Singing led by Clélia Colonna & Irene Coticchio,  June 24th & 25th 2017

During the workshop, we will focus on the principles of polyphonic singing from Corsica and Sicily and work with specific modes and songs. Unlike a choir, polyphonic singing obeys to the rules of own initiative. There is no conductor, the construction is organic and collective. Each voice has a specific role (bassa supports, secunda leads, terza pulls). The song appears through voices being autonomous and evolving a-parallely. There is an interactivity, a constant negotiation between the individual and the collective; the “one”, alone, and the “three” of polyphony.
Irene Coticchio dscn1514
Price: week-end: 90€
Location: Im_flieger@Schokoladenfabrik // Gaudenzdorfergürtel 43–45/4. Stock/4C, Wien 1120,
Margaretengürtel (U4, Strassenbahn 6, 18)
Reservation: or via our contact form