Corsican & Sicilian Polyphonic Singing: an exploration on common & individual sound. 

next workshop: December 2017

Our work is rooted in traditional knowledge and follows objective rules that apply to such genre of music. In traditional world, singing is at the same time a act of speaking and of listening. The body as well as the strength of a song is the act of a community, eventhough it is carried out by one person who calls and gathers the other singers. When singing, one is always in relation, in constant negociation with what is here & now (the others, the soundscape…).

During these 2 days, we envision to explore different qualities of sound: common sound / individual sound / various resonnating spaces in/of the body / relation to the accoustic space.

Throughout the principles of polyphonic singing from Corsica (3 voices) and Sicily (2 voices) we will explore the relation of the spoken and the sang voice, the individal and the common voice and the spatiality of the sound.


 Irene Coticchio