. After a great week working with Ben J. Riepe Kompagnie on the project UUUUU(topia), in NRW-Forum, Düsseldorf, cowbirds is almost back from holidays! The autumn starts with the following:

. a research with the choreographer Raúl Maia on “performance practice on continuous tone“, residency at Im_flieger, September 2016

. Balcanto, Festival VoiceMania, November 4th, 14.00-18.00, Wien 1010

. OpenMic, Festival VoiceMania, December 4th, 20.00, Theater am Spittelberg, Wien 1070

. Corsican & Sicilian Polyphonic Singing Workshop led by Clélia Colonna & Irene Coticchio, Winter 2017


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